Meet The Designer

Welcome, my friend! I am Portia, the designer behind all the beautiful things here at Angelic Accessoriez & More. Thank you for stopping by to see where every piece tells a heartfelt story and spreads inspiration. Our brand has blossomed into a symbol of hope and creativity.

What started as a therapeutic hobby to help me cope with anxiety and depression quickly became a passion that brought joy and peace. Inspired by my mom's love for accessories, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through jewelry-making.

Sadly, I lost my mom to metastatic breast cancer in 2021. But her memory lives on through Angelic Accessoriez & More. Crafting unique pieces became a sacred space where I find comfort and feel connected to my mom's spirit.

My journey with jewelry-making began in high school when my mom gifted me a jewelry kit. In 2020, my mom's encouragement rekindled my passion, driving me to create one-of-a-kind designs that couldn't be found in stores. My style captures the essence of elegance for those who appreciate a refined touch.

Every earring in our collection is handcrafted in my home studio. Love and care infuse each design, ensuring that every piece is truly unique. When you shop with us, you not only support a small business artist but also contribute to breast cancer research. I donate a portion of my sales to help advance research for metastatic breast cancer patients. My mission is to help women feel beautiful, confident, and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

But Angelic Accessoriez & More is more than just jewelry. We invite you to explore our handcrafted jewelry and inspirational t-shirts, knowing that each purchase supports a meaningful cause. Feel the joy and sophistication that our unique pieces bring to your life and join us in making a positive impact on the world.

I believe in the transformative power of uplifting messages. My inspirational t-shirt line is designed to inspire women to embrace their inner strength, overcome challenges, and seize the day with confidence. Each design is thoughtfully crafted to spread positivity and encourage personal growth.

By combining the beauty of handcrafted jewelry and inspirational apparel, Angelic Accessoriez & More offers a complete package that helps women feel beautiful, confident, and inspired from head to toe. Join us in spreading positivity and empowering your day with our unique collection of clay earrings, bracelets, and inspirational t-shirts.

Together, let's radiate positivity, embrace our strength, and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Explore Angelic Accessoriez & More today and embark on a journey of style, inspiration, and meaningful connections.